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Wednesday , September , 27 2023
You are here : Learning  >  Glen Crerar Scholarship
The Glen Crerar Trust


 The Glen Crerar Memorial Education Training Trust is a discretionary trust operating as a training initiative, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of FESPA Australia (formally The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association of Australia SGIAA).

The Trust was named in honour of Glen Crerar, an outstanding man whose untimely death at age 60, 12th July, 1990, occurred whilst he held the office of Federal President of the Screen Printers Association of Australia (SPAA).

Glen's landmark contribution was to guide SPAA through incorporation, which involved aiding in the writing of its Constitution. Glen also represented Australia on the Board of Directors of the Screen Printing Association International based in Virginia USA, and the Federation of European Screen Printing Association (FESPA). These roles played a great part in the shaping of what we know as FESPA Australia today.

At the time of his passing, Glen was the Chairperson of the Committee of Review of the syllabus of the Graphic Arts School. This was just a continuation of his commitment to training young people for the screen-printing industry. As an homage to Glen, the Trust overseas the implementation of a number of training initiatives within the graphic imaging industry, including The Glen Crerar Scholarship.


The Glen Crerar Scholarship


The Glen Crerar Scholarship was established by Glen's industry colleagues, out of respect for his remarkable achievements. This was done with the hope that outstanding figures in the Screen Printing Industry could gain access to funding to support their further education in the printing industry.

This has evolved into a scholarship grant, up to the value of $8000, which is awarded every two years to a successful candidate demonstrating outstanding application to their role within the industry, along with and a desire to advance their knowledge, persue personal development and network with notable peers.

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