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Wednesday , September , 27 2023
You are here : Learning  >  Colour Management 2019
Colour Management Bootcamps

The first SGIA Colour Management Bootcamp held in Sydney in 2019, was a huge success. SGIA has been running these for 7 years in the USA, and it has evolved into a top-notch course preparing companies for SGIA's Digital Colour certification program. The goal of the course is to develop professionals who understand colour theory and principles and can manage consistent, predictable, and repeatable colour on any system they manage. 

FESPA Australia is always searching for new opportunities to provide technical and training resources for our members and to the industry. As we change the way we work, we are adapting to new ways of delivering these courses and are currently looking at offering the Colour Management Bootcamps online.

If you are interested in taking part - please contact us for more information on -



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