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Thursday , October , 29 2020
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FESPA Australia Online Learning




Course Content

FESPA Australia offers a complete online printing course suited to both the complete novice and seasoned professional. The course is widely used to refresh experienced printers on the core technical principles relevant to their trade.

The course comprises of hundreds of graphics, animations and videos, thousands of facts, hints and tips. There is regular questioning to help you retain the knowledge learnt. At the end of the screen printing course you will take a Final Examination. If you achieve an 85% pass you will be awarded with a certificate, which is accredited by FESPA Australia, FESPA UK Association, the Association of Specialist Printers and Manufacturers (, that will confirm your newly acquired knowledge. Links to other resources give access to additional information and relevant websites that will satisfy even the most fact hungry learners.

By clicking the buttons below you can request login details to access a free demo of the online learning course. Alternately, if you already have login details, proceed through to the e-learning site and begin training.


Course Benefits